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Commander and EDH content. We just want your commander experience to be fun. But don't listen to us with your grandma.

Feb 15, 2019

What better guild to slow everything down than Azorius? Let's make everyone lobby and do paperwork before they can play EDH. It's a beautiful puzzle to behold. Not quite like a hand-made rug, but more like ENRON's code of ethics.


Join Kyle, Andy and special guest, Austin from CMDR Ninety Nine, as we close out the guild series with a rousing discussion of what Azorius is up to in the Commander realm. Austin takes us on a tour de force of his build for Lavinia, Azorius Renegade. Andy then explores the idea of the Persistent Petitioners taking up their, well, persistent petitions with Grand Arbiter Augustin IV as the CEO of their lobbying firm. And stay until the end to see if Andy has a curveball for the Petitioners.


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