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Commander and EDH content. We just want your commander experience to be fun. But don't listen to us with your grandma.

Sep 30, 2020

It may not be beyamacoytl, but the collective minds of a few listeners can certainly combine to deliver a set of decks worth some attention. Whether you’re looking for azorius without the cop feel, crazy combos, oodles of life, or just want to hate on blue, this episode has it for you.


UrDragon Me Down’s Atris deck list:

Trevor’s Geist of Saint Traft deck list:

Epic Experiment’s Karlov of the Ghost Council deck list:

Byron’s Ruric Thar deck list:




Twitter: @legend_creature


Intro and outro music artists vary each episode, but comes courtesy of the sexy souls of the following artists:

Home –

Protector 101 –

Dan Terminus –

Silver Richards –