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Commander and EDH content. We just want your commander experience to be fun. But don't listen to us with your grandma.

Jul 19, 2017

Are you ready to play a violent deck that brutalizes your play group through combat? Check this episode out to hear about Brad's Saskia deck and her appetite for battle.

Brad from Andy and Kyle's play group joins Kyle to break down his Saskia deck. They explore some of Brad's commander deck building philosophies and Brad gives some general tips on the types of cards you should be sure to leave space for in your deck.

Brad then dives into his Saskia build and explains his strategy for making sure she maximizes his chances of winning.

We'll post his deck list on TappedOut. Be sure to see it and other decks right here:

The chill intro/outro beats you this episode are by the Artist Home, track 12 from the album Resting State. Check out his music and support him! We love him for being so gracious, as to let us use his tunes. Find his work on his Bandcamp page (

Big shout out to Mikey Patch for all our art work! Check his stuff out (