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Commander and EDH content. We just want your commander experience to be fun. But don't listen to us with your grandma.

Jul 26, 2019

Welcome to the Gargos Fight Club! And uh… well you know the rules… Join Andy and Kyle as Andy takes us through his Gargos build. Kyle then brings to life the value engine of Rienne. Andy also tosses out some unconventional ideas for Yarok.


Check out Andy’s Gargos list here:


Jul 19, 2019

Andy and Kyle take a look at legendary creatures from the perspective of what qualifies them for the command zone and whether or not some popular commanders have what it takes to fit into the 99 of another deck.


Kyle and Andy also explore the recent bans and what the implications are in even having a commander ban...

Jul 12, 2019

Kyle dives into Yawgmoth with Andy to see what the Thran Physician can do at the helm of a commander deck. Kyle walks through some basic combo loops that can be abused. Kyle then explores the expansion of the combo package with Yawgmoth as a secret commander in a Scorpion God deck.


Check out Kyle’s Yawgmoth deck...