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Oct 25, 2018

"Hi my name is Kyle. I'm a Boros-aholic."

Yup. There's one  in every group and they get together in BA meetings, musing about how they wished they were just Bad Ass, not Boros-aholics Anonymous. You'll find Kyle and Arnold Schwarzenegger sitting in a circle with the others. The Boros-aholics tell their stories of how they were taught to trust the enigma of steel. They'll talk of dashed dreams, where they poised to crush their enemies and hear the lamentations of their women. But then they chose Boros.

Join Andy and Kyle to get insights into what Boros looks like in commander. Andy explores a Jor Kadeen build he and Kyle brewed that may be more suitable for those newer to commander. Kyle then dives into a Sylvia and Khorvath deck inspired by loyal listener, Andre Beshta. This deck is still Boros, but it may pique the interest of those who are suckers for the unusual and has a real shot at surprising the unsuspecting.

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