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Mar 30, 2020

Have you ever dreamed that you were someone else? Freaked out when you woke after dreaming you were Genghis Khan? Wish you were still asleep after dreaming you were Duran Duran’s sex machine? Prepare your godless shrines, because that’s Kyle and Andy this episode.

Per the will of the council, Andy and Kyle have assigned each other a color identity outside their respective preference zone and were tasked to build a deck. Join us to see what they came up with.


Check out Kyle’s deck:|_Goblins_Suck

Check out Andy’s deck:


Andy’s Magical Playlists by Color:

White –

Blue –

Black –

Red –

Green –





Twitter: @legend_creature


Intro and outro music artists vary each episode, but comes courtesy of the sexy souls of the following artists:

Home –

Protector 101 –

Dan Terminus –

Silver Richards –