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Commander and EDH content. We just want your commander experience to be fun. But don't listen to us with your grandma.

Feb 14, 2024

We’re back on Ravnica with the intent to make magic players buy more than one Hasbro game. But of course, we’re here for the cards for commander players and our listeners are dishing on all the new commanders.

Like last time, we’re doing this in two parts. You’ll find the below legends in this episode. Look for part two later this week for the rest.

Delney, Streetwise Lookout
Massacre Girl, Known Killer
Krenko, Baron of Tin Street
Tesak, Judith's Hellhound
Alquist Proft, Master Sleuth
Ezrim, Agency Chief
Etrata, Deadly Fugitive
Lazav, Wearer of Faces
Marvo, Deep Operative
Mirko, Obsessive Theorist
Judith, Carnage Connoisseur
Rakdos, Patron of Chaos
Anzrag, the Quake-Mole
Yarus, Roar of the Old Gods
Tolsimir, Midnight's Light
Trostani, Three Whispers
Teysa, Opulent Oligarch
The intro and outro music in this episode comes courtesy of the artist Makeup and Vanity Set. Be sure to support them!