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Oct 19, 2018

This week Austin Crider from CMDR Ninety Nine joins our hacky sack circle to kick around ideas about Selesnya. The guild of herbal teas and essential oils are the topic of the week.

Join us as we talk though the identity of the white and green guild. Are they bioterrorists or are they just looking to enroll you and three friends in a great business opportunity.

Austin saves Andy from having to join the Selesnya discussion and walks us through his Shalai, Voice of Plenty deck. Did the wealth of legendary creatures from Dominaria cause too many people to look past this protective commander?

Kyle then tries to pique Andy’s interest in Selesnya with Emmara, Soul of the Accord. Listen to find out how Kyle’s build seeks alternative options that may require more motor oil than lavender oil to make this Selesnya engine hum.

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