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Apr 19, 2021

Sometimes it feels like combo or nothing! Well, eff that s#!t! Let’s harness that sweet, sweet energy in the spot between combos and synergy and ride it.

Andy’s here to tell us all about why it’s good to use a card once, but even better to keep using it without having to go out of your deck’s way to make it happen. Andy sheds light on how engines that don’t combo, but generate value can be programmed into a deck and how to take note of opportunities to do so.

Join us, because we could all use a ride on the little engines with a can-do attitude that’ll climb the hill to victory—or at least fun.

Be sure to check out the decklists Andy mentions in the episode for some dope examples of building engines.

Andy’s Glissa list:

Andy’s Dargo & Tormod list:

Andy’s Kruphix list:




Twitter: @legend_creature


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